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This is my first blog attempt. I want to start by saying the opinions and view I express on here MAY BE WRONG! Just because I say something does not mean that I’m correct. I will be showing ignorance from time to time, or all of the time for that matter. If ever we get in to an argument I will refer you back to this post as a reminder that I am allowed to be wrong. My goal is to improve large pool of ignorance and hopefully to lessen yours as well.

My intent is not to put others down or destroy others opinions, but rather to increase conversations that DESTROY ignorance. In order to do this, I myself must be able to show my ignorance hopefully this will also make you feel vulnerable enough to show yours. This could lead to rude, wrong, or inhumane ideas. Please allow for correction.Β 

This society does not give the option often enough to have open discussions. Sometimes we feel guilty for our biases and lack of understanding. Sometimes we are shamed for our opinions. Sometimes people (including myself) are complete jerks about their opinions in this case, this is the timeΒ to encourage open discussion! THIS IS THE TIME TO PRESENT OTHER IDEAS!! Expect mistakes on my part– grammatically, phonetically, and belief-wise.

Communication is a powerful tool. The internet expands this opportunity and reaches a wider variety of people- hopefully adding opinions to the “pot”. I compare opinions to natural selection. Unless a new opinion is heard (ie, a new mutation is added to the gene pool), the genetics will all stay the same and may not improve. YOU could have the opinion (be the mutation) to improve the species! It may be a strange analogy but… it’s fitting for my weird ways.

America is an incredible place. I love my country and am very proud of it. YES it has its issues. I don’t know how to solve them- the only thing I know how to do is provide my opinion.

Sometimes I won’t come across as humble. Other times, I will sound overbearing and maybe even angry. I look at passion as a good thing- it means I CARE AND I WANT SOMETHING BETTER. You may also react with passion and anger to my opinion or my ignorance this is a good thing and I encourage it.

What I do ask is for simple respect and effective communication. There is a human being behind these words. I may struggle with this idea as well because we don’t see a face, we aren’t seeing micro-expressions of emotions, and we don’t know each others history. Please do not resort to name calling, unexplained opinions, or other unhelpful responses. I promise you, I will do my best to do the same.

Together, with our desire to kill ignorance and gain knowledge, we can change this world. We can improve its imperfections…. We can make a difference.Β