A Letter to Trump


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Donald Trump

As a business man, I understand how you’re used to getting your way. I understand that you’re used to keeping your “eye on the prize” and nothing can deter you from the end goal. This is why you have been so financially successful. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has seen your extravagant lifestyle. This is because of the skill set you hold.

Being president is certainly a different role than you’re used to. Yes, I do realize- who the hell am I to be telling you this? I am a 24 year old nothing who is just trying to make my way in this world. I am ignorant. Fully admitted.

But it is easy to see the distressing calls of the American people and their concern for this country. I am concerned that you are not interested in what the country desires. No, this does not mean that uneducated, ignorant people should be making the decisions. Please don’t think I believe that. What I am saying is that you should be listening more to the American people. This job is not about you, it’s not about being very powerful (as you are), it’s about fighting for what the American people want.

Americans are SO sick and tired of politicians. We are tired of right verses left. The agendas are out of control. The purpose of a politician is to fight for what is right for America! NOT what is right for their pocket books, NOT what gives them the most power or recognition, and NOT for ego. Being a politician is a great responsibility. Corruption is easy to give in to.

We chose you- I CHOSE YOU- because you were not a politician. Because it gave us hope that the same old dirty politics would change. Because you gave us the feeling of change that we’ve been desiring for at LEAST the last 8 years (for many, MUCH longer than that).

It is easy to be concerned, as a member of society (blending in to the masses), with how rich and powerful people are leading this country EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLES OF THE ORDINARY CITIZEN. I laugh at the thought of kings and queens holding hearings to listen to an average citizen 500 years ago, and yet I see the purpose in it. Do you actually understand what we want; what we need; the desperation for improvement?

With this power, I beg of you to not let us down. Many of us are counting on the freedom to work as hard as we can to improve our lives, our families lives, and our future. FORGET the ignorant and frankly, idiotic hope of wanting for you to fail. As an elected official, I want you to succeed (with the populace to reap the benefits of that success). I want you to bring change to improve this country. I want you to be looked at as a president who cared for this country and did everything in his waking moments to change the direction we’re headed.

Our tax money should not go to support your ridiculous lifestyle (or your wife’s need to stay in your penthouse at the expense of the taxpayer). It is a sacrifice. Please take that more serious.

Please… I say again- I BEG of you- please listen to the people: YOUR PEOPLE, YOUR COUNTRY. Stop with the ego, stop with the pity for what bad things are said of you, ignore the political agendas and please get to work.

We need help. We need you.


A concerned citizen.


What We Want to Say to a Depressed Loved One


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What can we do for a loved one who is in constant pain? We try to give advice that worked for us in struggles- but it didn’t help them. We try to tell them how much we love them here and how desperate we are to keep them alive- it can come across as selfish. We may write them letters gushing our hearts out- but it does not dampen their agony.

It feels unjust for you to be happy, or show them your stresses when they feel the way they do.

No one could possibly understand the pain and position you’re in. They don’t have the answers. They can’t make it go away.

I see you. I see your pain, even when you tell me that you’re okay. I don’t know what to say. The “what ifs” come to mind with every question I ask. What if I set you off? What if I lose you? What if you tell me something I can’t help with? What if I can’t save you?

There are answers, but when applying them to a loved one- everything changes. Training on suicide prevention tells us we must directly ask the question “Are you suicidal?”. I’m just afraid of the answer as I am asking the question. The only thing that keeps coming to mind is “what can I do?”. I love the hell out of you.

We also don’t want the suffering to continue. We want you here. Maybe it is selfish for me to tell you “I cannot go through another loss. I cannot lose you. I love you and need you in my life.”

I only want to beg for you to stay… Beg for you to get help. Your suffering is not okay with me and I want more than anything for it to end; but I refuse to let go of your life.

I love you….



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This is my first blog attempt. I want to start by saying the opinions and view I express on here MAY BE WRONG! Just because I say something does not mean that I’m correct. I will be showing ignorance from time to time, or all of the time for that matter. If ever we get in to an argument I will refer you back to this post as a reminder that I am allowed to be wrong. My goal is to improve large pool of ignorance and hopefully to lessen yours as well.

My intent is not to put others down or destroy others opinions, but rather to increase conversations that DESTROY ignorance. In order to do this, I myself must be able to show my ignorance hopefully this will also make you feel vulnerable enough to show yours. This could lead to rude, wrong, or inhumane ideas. Please allow for correction. 

This society does not give the option often enough to have open discussions. Sometimes we feel guilty for our biases and lack of understanding. Sometimes we are shamed for our opinions. Sometimes people (including myself) are complete jerks about their opinions in this case, this is the time to encourage open discussion! THIS IS THE TIME TO PRESENT OTHER IDEAS!! Expect mistakes on my part– grammatically, phonetically, and belief-wise.

Communication is a powerful tool. The internet expands this opportunity and reaches a wider variety of people- hopefully adding opinions to the “pot”. I compare opinions to natural selection. Unless a new opinion is heard (ie, a new mutation is added to the gene pool), the genetics will all stay the same and may not improve. YOU could have the opinion (be the mutation) to improve the species! It may be a strange analogy but… it’s fitting for my weird ways.

America is an incredible place. I love my country and am very proud of it. YES it has its issues. I don’t know how to solve them- the only thing I know how to do is provide my opinion.

Sometimes I won’t come across as humble. Other times, I will sound overbearing and maybe even angry. I look at passion as a good thing- it means I CARE AND I WANT SOMETHING BETTER. You may also react with passion and anger to my opinion or my ignorance this is a good thing and I encourage it.

What I do ask is for simple respect and effective communication. There is a human being behind these words. I may struggle with this idea as well because we don’t see a face, we aren’t seeing micro-expressions of emotions, and we don’t know each others history. Please do not resort to name calling, unexplained opinions, or other unhelpful responses. I promise you, I will do my best to do the same.

Together, with our desire to kill ignorance and gain knowledge, we can change this world. We can improve its imperfections…. We can make a difference.