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Clearly, I suck at writing and keeping up with a blog. I know, and I won’t be getting far with this because of my lack of dedication to it.

With that being said, there is a hell of a lot to talk about. In light of recent events, WHAT THE HELL can an average person do?!

Obviously in light of recent events, I’m talking about gun control. What happened in Las Vegas, NV, needs to be discussed. Anyone who is self-aware or slightly educated should be re-evaluating their stance on things. I myself, am feeling extremely conflicted about my stance.

I am finding the need to explain why so many are scared of gun control. We’re scared of losing these rights. Here is one woman who is not budging on her beliefs, but she explains the fear of loosing control to the government and having nothing to fight back with. Below is her video discussing this fear.


Furthermore on this side, is the fair point that weapons being banned legally, will only take guns out of law-abiding citizens. Detroit and Los Angeles are examples of this principle taking place. Gun violence is out of control in these areas; the same guns that are not accessible in these cities. Gangs and violent individuals have still managed to get ahold of these guns.

The fear on the other side is that UNNECESSARY defensive tools are being utilized to kill large amounts of innocent people. I’m not going to give the extreme example in this case (about banning all guns). I will, however, explain the argument for the banning of semi-automatic weapons.

This argument is not about banning all weapons, but banning high capacity weapons (and other devices that can turn these weapons into even deadlier ones). What person needs these? Realistically- if you’re a gun toter- why do you need them? Entertainment? Fun? Self-defense? If it is for self-defense, a regular gun could work too. If you can’t defend yourself or your family with a gun with 8 rounds in it, you probably shouldn’t be shooting one.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History

None of these things are fair for me to say I’m sure. These all are things an ignorant person of a young age are discussing, but to the same extent, this discussion needs to happen. We have to do SOMETHING – whether that be mental health improvements or new gun regulations.

Our lives are hard enough, I understand. It’s SO much easier to try and deal with our own shit in our own lives. I understand; frankly, I’m half numb from the pain in my own life that if I have to deal with anything else, I may just have to shut down… Or be comatose in sleep for a few more months. BUT, what if it IS you that has to deal with the loss of a family member to a psychopath? What if it IS you running for your life on a night that was planned for months and you were bragging to your friends about? What if it is your brother, cousin, wife, or friend being shot at?

We need to do something… Please get the discussion moving. Remember, these are all human beings in this discussion. DON’T be inhumane with how you approach this debate. DON’T be numb or insincere on your comments. DO NOT forget we all have our own pain, our own problems. Each person has courage behind a screen. It’s easy to type words without looking someone in the eye…. Courage is putting YOUR pride aside, admitting you don’t know ANYTHING, and the facts are hard to find.

These tragedies SHOW the worst in humanity, but we have the opportunity to show that we are better than this. We can make change. Show that you YOURSELF can actually have an adult discussion that can go somewhere!!!!

If you’re willing to put those comments up, be willing to face them as well.

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The Facebook comments above show the confusion, the anger, the frustration, and the paralysis that the American people hold. These are just a FEW comments to be found. These also are some of the nicer comments that I’ve managed to find.

NOW, what can we do?!?!?! I’m including some ways to write your congressman, the president, and other routes you can take. This topic needs to move in to more action. Clearly us complaining about it on Facebook or other social avenues isn’t doing any good. Let’s follow up this discussion with some action.



Please follow up with any other links you can find. I will edit this post and add them in…. I’m sick of sitting around and feeling helpless. LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.