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Have you ever noticed the amount of faith people have in this world? The different religions, from first world countries to remote areas, to the belief in horoscopes and mother nature. People are constantly finding things to believe in to give them peace. People even use science to support their beliefs; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is a desperate need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. It brings us peace.

Even in my own life, things seem to happen for strange, but meaningful reasons. For example, for weeks I was telling my mother she needs to look in to a job that will be more fulfilling and rewarding financially for her. I was sending her positions that would be a good fit for her and an increase in pay. This last week, she was laid off from her job. Somehow, me sending her positions prepared her for this and gave her strength and courage to go through this.

The most notable experience I have had with this was when my father passed away. He had his many struggles while he was alive, including a relationship with his children, depression, and fatigue. Years before he passed away, the fog started to lift from his life correlating to the changes he made in his life, and he passed at a very positive time in his life. He started exercising (1,500 KM bike rides to be more precise), he rebuilt damaged or estranged relationships with his family, and genuinely became a happy and fulfilled person.

Don’t misunderstand me, this was the most tragic event of my life, but it provides so much comfort to know that my father was in the best place in his life. He was surrounded by positive experiences and close, meaningful relationships. This makes me so thankful.

Life is not an easy journey. We find meaning where we can, and without this meaning, depression quickly follows. Those times where you question the point in the struggle each and every day take a serious toll on our mental health. In the times of clear, level-headed thinking though, we can find a reason for our short time here on this earth, and maybe even see the difference we can make.

My Beautiful Family: 2014

When is a time you have felt deep meaning in your life that connected you to “something bigger”? Are you on the other end of the spectrum that makes you skeptical of the possibility of a deeper meaning to life? What are your thoughts?